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Sun – the life supporter

The sun has been the life supporter for every living creature (and some dead ones) for ever, and it comes at no cost to us. But suddenly that has become a very costly affair when we tried to harvest electrical energy and power from the sun’s radiation.


Because that process involves investment in research, sophisticated human brain power and computer infrastructure, special materials and manufacturing process, and of course, downstream supply chain management and opportunists costs, etc.

We all know that plants and trees draw their energy from sun “free of cost” through a well known process called “photosynthesis”. Can we not do that for electricity harvesting?

Yes, we can.

Scientists around the world are really on war-footing efforts to transform that technology into reality in our solar power harvesting processes. The days are nearing. I guess we are not very far off from realizing those organic solar cells which can give us enough electricity from the sun while costing us peanuts. Till then, should we all sit around and idle and wait for it?


Every one of us should put our efforts together to learn more and more about solar technology, solar science, and material science to contribute towards that end so we can get there quicker.

Sun is our power for ever! Sun is our energy for ever! The solar system gives us enough renewable energy to make our earth sustainable with maximum utilization, genuinely.